Bashy Shares New Song ‘Being Poor Is Expensive’

The title song of his new album...

UK rap hero Bashy has shared new single ‘Being Poor Is Expensive’.

A pivotal figure in the evolution of UK rap, Bashy helped establish a chart presence, using his platform to place the spotlight on others. Incoming album ‘Being Poor Is Expensive’ is his testament, a bold piece of autobiographical storytelling.

The title track is out now, the latest preview from the record. Literate and true, it digs into some of Bashy’s formative musical memories – house parties, family gatherings, and the pervasive sound of reggae and Black Caribbean culture.

In particular, the sloping bass-line and soulful spaces on new single ‘Being Poor Is Expensive’ recall Lover’s Rock, that very British union of reggae, romantic soul, and pop melodies.

Bashy comments…

Lover’s Rock is my parents’ music, always playing in my Dad’s Red BMW 3 series or as my mum cooked up some Ackee and Saltfish… Dennis Brown’s music featured heavily in my childhood home, he has such a unique and special voice. As you hear the intro, it sounds distinctive, sweet and melodic but then when the track drops we hear the heaviness of the outside world and are transported to family house parties, weddings, christening and funerals.

Lyrically, he’s looking to some of the great albums that framed his adolescence, notably key players in US hip-hop. He says:

Growing up, I was inspired by rappers like Nas, Jay-Z, and much later Kendrick Lamar, as well groups from De La Soul to DipSet, all of whom sampled the old soul or R&B records of their childhoods. This track is my interpretation of that, with samples that give it a distinctly British feel. Having no hook is deliberate, to give the feeling of having to constantly keep it moving in the ends with no respite.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Dennis Morris

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