Barton Hartshorn Completes his New ‘Everything…’ EP

There's a cinematic gleam to his songwriting...

Barton Hartshorn has shared his new EP ‘Everything…’ in full.

The songwriter’s witty approach blends the classic with something new, illuminating personal experience in the process. Reminiscent of Elvis Costello in places, his output also carries shades of the indie rock eccentricity that makes Spoon so thrilling.

A flurry of singles have caught attention, with new EP ‘Everything…’ now out in full. It all hinges on his potent single ‘Everything is better than before’, which was picked to appear on the soundtrack of new feature film UnCancelled.

Invited to the premiere, the experience of hearing music in such a setting sparked the EP, with a cinematic sweep falling on his work.

Barton Hartshorn comments…

“I was sitting in a packed cinema in Valencia, Spain, watching a film premiere and my song began to play over the final scene. No one could see me in the dark but I had a huge smile on my face. It was a special moment. The songs on this EP were written to accompany ‘Everything is better than before’ on its first cinema outing…”

Tune in now.

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