Barrie’s New Single ‘Races’ Is Charged With Physical Energy

It's part of her new '5K' EP...

Brooklyn based Barrie shares new single ‘Races’.

The new single is out now, and it’s part of her incoming EP ‘5K’. The name isn’t a coincidence, either – she’s really become fascinated by running, and by the experiences of physical exercise on the body. Allowing this to filter into her music, it’s songwriting charged by a unique form of energy.

Out on March 31st, the EP is trailed by this insistent new single, a kind of highly physical take on indie pop. Pushing her music into new realms, ‘Races’ charges along in 12/8 time, darting head-long towards the horizon.

Barrie comments…

I finished the music for ‘Races’ before the lyrics, and I was trying to figure out what to say. I got in a rabbit-hole about how when you get songs stuck in your head, they’re like these weird little mantras that you didn’t choose to take on, and how crazy it is that musicians have the opportunity to have a direct line into people’s heads like that.

“I was thinking about what phrases I’d want to implant. And what would be a good use of that kind of privilege. Obviously it doesn’t work exactly that way, but there was an element of experimenting with that in this song.”

Tune in now.

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