Barrie’s ‘Empty’ Is An Attempt To Take Ownership Of Her Thoughts

Her new EP '5K' is incoming...

Barrie has shared her new song ‘Empty’.

The Brooklyn based alt-pop artist will share her new EP ‘5K’ in full on March 31st, and travels to Austin, Texas shortly for some SXSW sets. New song ‘Empty’ leads the way, a breezy, calming slice of melody that dips into her interior monologue.

Lyrically, Barrie deals with mental health, with ‘Empty’ becoming a process for the songwriter to reclaim her thoughts. A lens to provide focus for the mind, the subtle melodies are given a direct yet nuanced intonation by the Brooklyn artist.

She comments…

‘Empty’ is me reflecting on and getting angry about how so many of my thoughts aren’t my own; it’s a hazy mix of taste and ideas printed on my brain by my culture, my upbringing, people around me while in any impressionable age. I’ve been trying to take back ownership of my thoughts, and access what I actually think and feel. I have to take responsibility for the things inside my head.

 The song started with the line ‘there is no act to private / that I don’t want you to like it…’ which encapsulates the sentiment. It didn’t end up fitting in the song, but that kind of constant confusion of your own thoughts with other people’s thoughts is at the heart of it.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Caroline Tompkins

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