Azure Ryder’s ‘Angel’ Flips The Script

Tune in now...

Australian pop vocalist Azure Ryder has shared her new single ‘Angel’.

The songwriter was raised in a small coastal town down the road from Sydney, an artist left to her own devices. Uniquely imaginative, Azure Ryder caught our imagination with a string of vital singles, including ‘Ladder To The Moon’ and ‘Some Kind of Love’.

A viral take on ‘Feeling Good’ smashed its way online, before Azure Ryder went back into the studio to craft another dose of pearled introspection.

New single ‘Angel’ was constructed alongside producer Jules Apollinaire, co-founder of cult leftfield pop adventurers TTRRUUCES. Together, they flip the script on the female artist, and on the manner society treats women more generally.

Azure Ryder comments…

“I see ‘Angel’ as kicking down the door on this reoccurring narrative that women particularly have had written for them: ‘Once Upon A Time’ – a fairytale romanticising the power position that men hold in love. They become an authority on something that they all too commonly reject, because they find it too much.

Life comes with pain, light comes with darkness, one simply cannot exist without the other that is what makes us human, it’s what stops us from flatlining and I’d rather feel everything, than nothing at all. Love is infinite, it’s courageous and I see this continuous limitation on when, where, who and how much is deserved, we all deserve it. So if you have ever been told to hide your heart if you have been made to feel like you are both not enough and too much for people, I say, they missed out on a goddamn ‘Angel’.

Tune in now.

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