Aziya Ignites With ‘crush (tom verlaine)’

It's about the push and pull of attraction...

Aziya returns with new single ‘crush (tom verlaine)’.

The future-facing pop hyphenate has built a slim but potent catalogue, merging genre lines in the process. Aziya’s second EP ‘LONELY CASTLES’ landed late last year, and since then she’s played a flurry of live shows.

Hitting the studio, new single ‘crush (tom verlaine)’ was built alongside frequent collaborator Josef Page, and the piercing guitar line echoes the titular Television founder.

A neat piece of taut, angular pop music, the lyrics actually reference the push and pull of attraction – with Aziya trying to avoid falling for someone… purely because they look like Tom Verlaine.

There’s a fun side to the song, but it’s also a discussion of boundaries, and how to move beyond self-imposed blockages. Aziya comments…

“‘crush’ is my response to a fear of falling for someone who looks like Tom Verlaine. It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s easier to avoid having a crush on someone out of fear they might lead me on, or worse yet…ruin my life. I have a habit of putting my walls up pretty quickly so that I don’t get hurt – it’s a shame but hard not to draw conclusions from how someone acts online – sometimes enough for me to put my walls up even quicker.”

Tune in now.

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