"God just dealt me a new hand today."

American artist Azealia Banks has confirmed that she has signed a record deal with Universal.

Over the past 12 months, Azealia Banks has become one of the hottest properties in American music. Working with a raft of established artists, the outspoken singer has releases a slew of great material under her own name.

Fending off the attentions of several record labels, Azealia Banks recently revealed that she has now signed a deal with Universal.

Writing on her Twitter feed the singer told fans: "I am now officially signed to Universal Music."

The message was presaged by some sombre posts. "God dealt me a really fucked up hand at birth. Half the shit I've been through & successfully gotten through would blow some of your minds" she wrote, before continuing: "God just dealt me a new hand today. I reaaaaaaaaaaallllly good hand."

Azealia Banks was at one point signed to British label XL Recordings, something she elaborated on in later interviews. Speaking to the BBC, the singer said: "I was like, this is not what I worked so hard my entire life to do - to be rejected by some English guy in West Bumblefrickin' nowhere London, telling me I'm amateur or something like that."

"So I just said, 'Screw you!'"

Writing on Twitter following the announcement, Azealia Banks joked: "Gonna go pop up at @xlrecordings and do the Harlem shake in the foyer."

Before adding: "Then me and @richardxl are gonna hug it out and play connect four."

Azealia Banks is set to release her debut album through Universal this year.

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