$2 million court case threatened

Gun N Roses singer Axl Rose is being sued by his management company for $2 million.

Axl Rose is no stranger to controversy. Checked out the sleeve to 'Appetite For Destruction' recently? We rest our case.

At one time Guns N Roses were labelled 'the most dangerous act on the planet', and despite Axl Rose being reduced to the only original member the label could still hold a sliver of truth.

Returning with their new album 'Chinese Democracy' last year, Guns N Roses have encountered a maze of trouble. Banned by the Chinese authorities, the album was one of the most talked about rock releases of the past ten years.

Frontman Axl Rose sits at the centre of it all, and it now seems as if the singer will be forced to fight a multi-million dollar legal case.

Management company Front Line Management has sued the singer, claiming that the Guns N Roses frontman owes them some $2 million in unpaid commissions.

The company took legal action on Thursday (March 25th) after failing to receive unpaid fees. Founded by Irving Azoff the management firm claim that Axl Rose owes them nearly $1.9 million in back payments.

According to Front Line, the company had an oral agreement with Axl Rose to receive 15% of the Guns N Roses' frontman's commissions. Last year the singer was accused of assaulting photographers at a Los Angeles airport.

Axl Rose has not commented on the case.

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