Animal Collective duo in equinox inspired release...
'New Psycho Actives'

Animal Collective seem to share the format and freedom of a jazz quartet, with each member free to work any outside project they feel attracted to.

Avey Tare and Geologist have been swapping ideas of late, and decided to post a free digital 12 inch to celebrate the Spring equinox.

'New Psycho Actives Vol. 1' is out now, containing new tracks 'Tape Player Chants For Winter' and 'Stretching Songs For Spring'. The material is introduced thus:

“Farewell Winter, hello Spring. In honor of snow on the equinox yesterday, check out New Psycho Actives Vol.1 - a free digital split 12” from Avey Tare and Geologist. Features vocals by Tickley Feather on Geo’s side. Enjoy!”

Check both tracks out below.

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