Automotion Share Disciplined ‘Dissolve’ EP

Cult favourites from South London...

South London group Automotion have shared their new ‘Dissolve’ EP in full.

The band are key components of the community that surrounds South London venue Brixton Windmill, with their feral performances attracting attention. Intensely focussed, Automotion’s material chops away the fat, leaving only lean muscle underneath.

Produced and mixed by Patrick James Fitzroy (PVA, Sorry, Katy J Pearson), new EP ‘Dissolve’ is out now in full. Toasted with a launch party at London’s Lexington venue overnight, it finds Automotion exacting as much information from the songs as they can, crunching down on every fine-tuned detail.

Bass player Finton Eatwell-Hurst comments…

“We were very brutal and meticulous with the writing. A lot didn’t make it off the cutting board, and some of the finished songs are almost unrecognisable from where we started. Dissolve was almost entirely live-tracked at Konk Studios, recording live as a band gave us the freedom to tempo bend, which would have been almost impossible with individual tracking. Our producer, Patrick Fitzroy, was amazing at guiding us through each song and quite the perfectionist, but it never felt like a take was unnecessary”.

Jesse Hitchman (Guitar and Vocals) states that “trial and error” became a conduit for their ideas, explaining: “The outtakes are probably ten times the length of this EP because we were so obsessively particular over each chord, drum fill, and arpeggio”.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Dylan Coates 

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