Fake versions appeared online

Near mythic electronic duo Autechre have opened up to ClashMusic about the fake versions of their new album which leaked online.

It must be a bit of bugger. Autechre take a good two years to complete their new album 'Oversteps' a cataclysmic bout of experimental electronica. Suddenly, though, internet forums are buzzing with music which claims to be made by them - although in reality it is merely a poorly masked fake.

Speaking to ClashMusic, however, the duo have admitted that they almost expect this kind of behaviour. “Well, we’re used to it now,” breezes Sean Booth. “I think this is the fourth album where it’s happened, the first one was ‘Draft’. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition now.”

Rob Brown echoes his comrade's sentiments. “It’s like the emperor’s new clothes because they can never tell what it’s going to be but they’re always guessing what it can be from their own personal perspectives.”

Frequently accused of being evasive, Autechre insist that they are in fact quite direct in approaching their music. “I don’t think we are. We’re really straightforward and honest. If people say, ‘Why did you do that?’ we’ll say, ‘Well, we went into the studio and made some music.’ You are being as honest and truthful as you can but it’s not very good for them for an interview" Sean Booth claimed.

"We don’t know why we do what we do or why we like it but we know it’s the result of loads of programming throughout our lives with music and loads of other things that have happened - but that’s all we know. It’s like asking a kid why he’s playing on the climbing frame. What do you mean, ‘why’? What kind of a question is that? We don’t cultivate it.”

Continuing, the Autechre producer claimed that the bulk of journalists would not have heard of their reference points. “Journalists have learnt all these reference points because they think they’re considered important and they’ll drop them into conversations. Or during the interview they won’t mention it to us and then later in their feature they talk about it" he claimed.

"They’ve heard of Xenakis but not Maurizio Bianchi or CM Von Hausswolff or Incapacitants or Bernhard Günter. They don’t know who these people are.”

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