ATO Dips Into His Roots For ‘COURTS’

The video was shot during his return to Accra…

UK rapper ATO returns with ‘COURTS’.

The rap artist sits outside the norm, using his skills to craft a subtle element of world-building. His EP ‘Side A’ presented a complex figure, but the dynamic immediacy of his artistry seemed to push him to the next level.

New EP ‘Side B’ is out on July 29th, and ‘COURTS’ finds ATO tapping into his roots. The track was prompted by a return to Ghana, and the reflective lyricism is augmented by guest Jay Bahd.

ATO shares…

Anticipating my first trip back to Ghana, (where my family are from) I had already been taking more interest in the underground music scene in Ghana and had come across the Asakaa movement coming out of the city of Kumasi.

One of the core members Jay Bahd, immediately came to mind for the final section of the song. I found the power in his voice very unique. I reached out to Jay online and discussed the song over the phone, but what he sent back surpassed what I had in mind for that section. For me, this collab with Jay represents more than just the music. It also represents the connection to home that I was experiencing emotionally.

Early in June, I flew out to Ghana for the first time and met my family, I witnessed some of my history and connected with Asakaa who treated me like one of their own and showed me Accra. It felt only right to film the video out in Accra.

The full video is online, shot in Accra during his first time home. He explains…

The music video for COURTS was made during my first trip home to Accra, Ghana this summer, visiting my family. Straight away, I fell in love with the energy of the city and the people — the same energy director Yaw captured so well in the video. Despite a couple near misses on the Motorway shooting the jeep shots and sending my quad into the sea (RIP), we had a lot of fun making this one!

Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Alex Waespi

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