Lush electro with a gospel feel...
Demo Taped

Atlanta has a habit of throwing up unique, one off talents.

OutKast gave Southern hip-hop a new definition, and that Atlien future feel runs through a host of the city's creative minds.

Demo Taped could be set to add a fresh chapter to this history. New cut 'Insecure' rides a lush electro groove, a smoothed out slice of machine funk with a deeply physical feel.

On top, though, Demo Taped places a pleading, emotive vocal that has a rich, gospel feel. He explains:

"Making this song was a real learning experience. There was a lot of fear and insecurity on my part, in the beginning, just from being out of the comfort zone of my bedroom. This song is really special to me because it comes from a very real and frightening place in my mind that I think a lot of people can identify with - insecurity and the tricks that it can play with your mind."

"My dad plays bass on the song, along with musicians that play in my church; that I've grown up around. This was a collaborative effort and I'm so grateful to everyone that contributed musically."

Tune in now.

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