Atari Teenage Riot App Blocked

Over riot fears...

Berlin noise rock revolutionaries Atari Teenage Riot are fighting to release their new iPhone application.

Reforming last year, the noise of Atari Teenage Riot plugging in their guitars could be heard around the world. The Berlin based band merged the twin strains of hardcore – punk and techno – to produce a weapon with which to smash Western capitalism.

At one infamous show, Atari Teenage Riot played on board a truck driving through a political demonstration. Blazing sub-bass loomed at the crowd, resulting in a full scale riot.

Now the band’s attempts to give this technology to fans has seen them run foul of the authorities. A new iPhone application contains all ATR albums and songs, all videos, a photo archive, bio, news updates but also a ‘Riotsounds Produce Riots’ audioplayer.

This controversial section of the application includes all the sounds/WAV files that ATR used at the May 1st 1999 demonstration (very low sub basses, square waves, noise sounds which trigger hysteria and panic within the audience) with the intention of being used at political rallies.

Apple have blocked the release of the application, refusing to sanction its use with the iPhone. Currently merely delayed, Atari Teenage Riot are now waiting to see if the technology will be available at all through official sources.

Meanwhile, Atari Teenage Riot are gearing up for an appearance at London’s Electric Ballroom venue. A famously uncompromising live act, the show comes as financial instability again engulfs Europe.

Atari Teenage Riot will play the following show:

12 London Electric Ballroom

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