Clash speaks to Omar and Cedric...
At The Drive-In

Following last week's news that an At The Drive-In (pictured) reunion could be on the cards - the seminal post-hardcore outfit split in 2001, members forming The Mars Volta and Sparta - Clash couldn't help but ask about the real possibility of the five getting back together when we met Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López of The Mars Volta today.

The duo are in town to support the release of their fifth TMV album, 'Octahedron', the Clash review of which can be found HERE. A full feature on the band will follow in issue 41 of Clash Magazine, but here's what happened when we asked about the possible reunion (well, next year is the tenth anniversary of the phenomenal 'Relationship Of Command' album)...

- - -

I've got to ask about the rumours circulating of an At The Drive-In reunion, stirred last week...
Cedric: No, no, it's not true.
Omar: It's nothing personal.

But the demand has increased, as the band finds new fans... Are you guys in the habit of never saying never?
Omar: (Laughs) Oh, you sneaky little man! I think we're smart enough to never say never, as a lot relies on how you can change over a lifetime, but would you wear your old t-shirt and pants that were your favourites when you were 17?

Honestly, I'm probably wearing them now!
Omar: Well, you have that luxury; but I don't think ours fit us anymore - my bones have grown, and I've put on some weight, so I'd look pretty ridiculous.

But have you ever received an offer to reform?
Omar: Oh yeah, sure! We've received offers in the realm of millions of dollars.
Cedric: But the whole thing is that we've buried the hatchet [with our ex-bandmates], so that's all that matters.

- - -

The Mars Volta play London's ICA venue on June 18, and 'Octahedron' is released on June 22.


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