Astles Delivers An Optimistic Gem With ‘This One’s For You’

"Maybe I’m doing better than I'd like to think sometimes..."

Astles has shared new song ‘This One’s For You’.

The songwriter – real name Daniel Astles – isn’t holding back. Even Sir Paul McCartney is fan (although you’ll have to ask either of them personally for the full story) while this year alone has seen Astles secure PRS Momentum Funding while signing a publishing deal with Starwood Management and Sentric.

So far, as the saying goes, so good. Reminiscent of Matt Maltese in places, or the melodic inflections of Tobias Jesso Jr., he’s often introspective yet never maudlin.

With Autumn shortening the days and broadening the nights, new song ‘This One’s For You’ finds Astles revelling in small comforts. It’s a song that radiates optimism, with the lyrics affording the Liverpool-based songwriting space to revel in life’s tiny pleasures.

He comments…

‘This One’s For You’ is a song about realising how lucky I am to have wonderful people in my life. It’s quite easy sometimes to sit and be unhappy with how things play out, how life doesn’t quite go the way you would like at points. But I have beautiful inspiring people around me everyday who chose to spend their time, efforts and life with me. So maybe I’m doing better than I’d like to think sometimes.

‘This One’s For You’ is a love song, an unwanted gift almost! I have written 100’s of songs for and about the people I love and I’m sure they’re fed up with it by now. But then moments when I feel truly understood and loved, I always find myself going to write a song. There is no safer and inspiring feeling than being truly yourself. And the ones you love get you to that place time and time again.

Tune in now.

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