Ashley Henry’s ‘Synchronicity’ Is A Portrait Of London

The jazz composer returns...

Ashley Henry has shared new song ‘Synchronicity’.

The South East London pianist and composer remains at the vanguard, blending jazz importation with a host of other influences. In a way, he’s assembling the sound of the city that surrounds him – snippets of conversation, different flavours, all find their way into his work.

Forthcoming album ‘Who We Are’ continues his journey, with ‘Synchronicity’ tapping into his melodic elegance.

A showcase for his virtuosity, ‘Synchronicity’ is born from the information-overload aspect of London life, attempting to distill this into something coherent. Bristling at the edges with energy, it pushes standard forms until they break.

He comments…

“London as a city can overwhelm sometimes. As someone who was born here, I have experienced the city change constantly around me. ‘Synchronicity’ is about finding your rhythm, finding a sense of belonging and relation in the city – and allowing it to push you forward. The underlying idea is that there is unity in difference – this is represented by these musical moving parts that coincide together which reflects city life, and the process of finding your flow within it.”

Tune in now.

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