Arthur Russell’s Catalogue Is Coming To Europe

'World Of Echo' and 'Iowa Dream' had up a re-issue project...

Arthur Russell's catalogue is coming to the UK and Europe.

The seminal composer's work is housed by Audika Records, who look after his extensive musical archive.

Currently only available in North America – or hard-to-find imports – Arthur Russell's work is now coming to the UK and Europe, with Rough Trade Records inking a deal with Audika Records.

As a result, Arthur Russell's superb ‘World of Echo’ and ‘Iowa Dream’ will be given a widespread release on November 26th.

In a way, it's full circle for Arthur Russell's music, with 'World Of Echo' having been initially released on Rough Trade back in 1986.

Founder Geoff Travis comments: “When we started working with Arthur we had no idea he would turn out to be one of the seminal Artists of this century. We did know that his cello playing, his wonderful singing and his sensibility; melding modern classical with the Buddhist sense of space in the world, moved us deeply. We are proud to have helped push the boat out from the shore.”

Order your copy of 'World Of Echo' or 'Iowa Dream' HERE.

Photo Credit: Joel Sokolov

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