Singer "putting Aretha first"

Aretha Franklin has given a short interview to update fans on her battle with ill health.

A true icon, Aretha Franklin boasts one of the most sensational voices in soul music. Remaining a stirring performer, the singer was invited to perform at Barack Obama's inauguration last year.

Since then, the Detroit singer has kept a heavy schedule but recently began cancelling shows. Fans began to worry, with Aretha Franklin normally a model for hard work in the music industry.

Revealing that she was suffering from cancer, the singer was said to be extremely ill. Recently undergoing an important operation, Aretha Franklin gave a short follow up interview to Jet Magazine.

Attempting to re-assure fans, Aretha Franklin explained that her friends knew she is "a lot more than the girl in the pink Cadillac on the Freeway of Love who also sings about Respect" and that they have prayed for her "without ceasing."

Born into a deeply religious family, Aretha Franklin herself has a background in gospel recording several spiritual albums. Cancelling a series of tour dates, the soul legend is not set to perform again until May.

In a statement released last week the singer explained that she had been home from the hospital for three days and that she has a private nurse.

Elsewhere, Aretha Franklin told Jet Magazine that she intends to start "putting Aretha together first," and that doctors have ordered eight weeks of rest.

Get well soon Aretha!

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