"The most conservative form of performance art"

Arcade Fire singer Win Butler has lamented the lack of artistic ambition within rock music.

Arcade Fire aren't keen to slow down. Releasing their lengthy third album 'The Suburbs' last year, the band have spent 2011 on the road. Touring across Europe and North America, the band managed to complete not one but two films.

'Scenes From The Suburbs' is a Spike Jonze directed companion piece to their recent album, while a trip to Haiti was captured by a film crew.

Looking ahead to some British dates later this summer, Arcade Fire were on fighting form. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, singer Win Butler blasted the lack of ambition in the current rock scene.

"A lot of people get really stuck in this idea that everything's been done, and there’s nowhere left to go. Rock 'n' roll is almost the most conservative form of performance art: you play your guitar, these are the moves, this is what the songs are about, and this is the energy" he claimed.

"I always felt like there's so many sounds to make and things to talk about in songs. There's more to life than 'I love you baby, la, la, la'".

Continuing, the Arcade Fire frontman argued that he approaches music from a very different angle. "I approach it more like film-making: you would never say every film has been made. You just tell another story. I thought I would try and talk directly about common experiences that aren’t that cool to talk about, which is the starting place for a lot of the art we do."

Tantalisingly, Win Butler claimed that Arcade Fire have already begun to sketch out their third album. Continuing, the singer revealed that the Canadian band never try to write with an audience in mind.

"We don’t think about our audience when we’re making music, it's a selfish impulse. But when we’re putting it out in the world, I want it to be of service. People can do a lot of great things when they're exposed to the right stuff. We’ve been on the other side, going to concerts since we were kids, buying records, and the bands that made it through the suburbs are part of the reason we ended up being artists."

Arcade Fire have confirmed the following shows:

31 Manchester Evening News Arena

1 Edinburgh Castle

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