Arcade Fire / Vincent Moon Rumble Continues

Argument blows on

Arcade Fire and director Vincent Moon have continued their very public falling out.

Arcade Fire are one of the greatest guitar acts of the past ten years, releasing three albums which run a gamut of emotions. Teaming up with film maker Vincent Moon, the two crafted a spellbinding documentary.

Since then, however, the pair have fallen out. In a recent interview with Eye Weekly the director explained that he now saw their collaboration differently, having come to the conclusion that the group were “not good people”.

Hitting back, Arcade Fire manager Scott Rodger gave an interview to Consequence Of Sound in which he attacked Vincent Moon. Labelling the film maker a drug addict and a thief, the claims appeared in the comments section and are as such unverified.

Vincent Moon recently worked with Danish group Efterklang, with the pair completing a typically evocative film.

Speaking to Spinner, the Danish band leapt to the director’s defence. “We love Vincent Moon and we love working with him,” Efterklang’s Rasmus Stolberg said.

Continuing, Stolberg explained that “the only drug we have seen him using is Nutella — he simply loves Nutella.”

Later the songwriter elaborated on why some groups would find the director difficult to deal with. “I can easily imagine why some people might find him difficult to work with. He has a very strong character and an uncompromising vision of how he wants to make his art and also how he wants to share this art with the world (which is for free),” Stolberg told SpinnerMusic.

“Every project has been incredible and we always come out on the other side with new inspiration and a feeling that we have found something new in our music. He is sweet and intelligent, and we believe he is a genius on the same level as the many brilliant musicians he has portrayed over the years.”

Vincent Moon / Efterklang are due to release ‘An Island’ later this year.

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