Arca Has Remixed Laurie Anderson’s ‘Big Science’

It's an exploratory re-work...

Arca has shared a lengthy remix of Laurie Anderson's 'Big Science'.

The 1982 album became something of a breakout moment for the composer, who was rooted in the more playful side of New York's avant garde.

An unusual crossover success, 'Big Science' was remixed last year, with Clash discussing its impact at length with Laurie Anderson.

Now Arca has stepped in to remix the title track, and it's a wonderful aural journey, a heady 10 minute voyage into sound.

The release follows the multi-aspect 'Kick' series, which drove Arca's work to fresh heights, and this remix taps into that heady ambition.

A musical piece that unfolds at its own path, 'Big Science' is shown in a riveting new light – tune in below.

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Photo Credit: Ebru Yildiz

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