Their first in five years...

New York based Afrobeat collective Antibalas are to release a new, self-titled album on August 6th.

It's become fashionable to admit a liking for African music. DJs drop South African house into their sets, while reams of blogspace is taken up by postings advocating the aesthetics of Highlife.

Before all this, though, there was Antibalas. One of the foremost Afrobeat groups on the planet, the New York collective formed at a time when the outside world was seemingly oblivious to anything out-with the Trans-Atlantic conversation.

Working with a vast range of collaborators, Antibalas have taken their sound across the globe. Spending countless hours on the road, the band are now ready to release their new, self-titled album on August 6th.

“Rhythm is what makes a good afrobeat record,” noted producer Gabriel Roth. “Not just the rhythm section, but the rhythm of the horns, the rhythm of the vocals, the rhythm of the keyboards, everybody’s rhythm. It’s about feeling something the same way — everybody hearing music the same way, and being able to turn all those instruments into one voice. Antibalas is the only band that can do that, right now. That’s why they’re still at the front of the scene, after all these years.”

“What’s interesting about Antibalas is that it really is a multi-headed beast,” Antibalas saxophonist Stuart Bogie added. “The last song on the album is ’Sare Kon Kon,’ and it’s a song that has a kinetic energy that’s just racing and racing the whole time. To paraphrase the lyrics, it’s like, ‘We’re running, we’re running, we don’t know where we’re going, but everybody’s running.’ That kind of encapsulates the rushing anarchy that keeps the band together. It’s the idea that we’re all kind of on this train, and there’s no director, no engineer, no brake; everybody just has to run, and go or not go.”

Here's 'Sare Kon Kon (Redux)', taken from the new album.

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Antibalas are set to release their new self-titled album through Daptone on August 6th.

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