Online Petition Against U2 Man

An online petition has been set up asking for U2 frontman Bono to retire - and has already received nearly $400 in donations.

The Irish singer has long been the subject of ridicule from some quarters due to his very public charity work - many question why someone who is a multi-millionaire should be asking other people to donate money when he himself could clear the debt of a small Irish nation.

The petition is published on and desires "to get Bono to retire from public life (so he'll stop leading misguided counter-productive philanthropy efforts)."

Bono is often invited to speak at conferences on third world aid, acting, some would claim, as the unelected president of rock 'n' roll. The shades wearing rocker is now helping charity in a different way - the petition promises to donate all monies raised to an AIDs charity when Bono finally retires.

Bono has yet to comment on the petition as he and the rest of U2 are putting the finishing touches to their 2004 album "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb".