Check out their new video, plus some festival highlights...

So that's it, then: Autumn is here.

Those blue skies outside may be deceptive, but the temperature is gradually cooling and the summer season is over.

Anteros spent the summer months careering around in a van, playing shows at festivals across the land.

Returning to London, the group will play an extra special show at the Waiting Room venue on Monday (September 26th) - ticket LINK.

Ahead of this, Clash is able unveil the video for new cut 'Ring Ring' - and present the band's festival highlights, to boot...

Check out 'Ring Ring' below, then catch the festival memories after the jump.

Laura (vocals): Glastonbury was definitely a highlight, a dream come true. I spent every summer with my gran in Somerset and it was pretty much always around the festival. I used to tell myself I wouldn't go to Glasto until I played... still can't believe I stuck by that. I think it made us realise we can play a stage that big, and we really want to play a stage that big again. And Leeds! There's something about it - some of our best gigs have been in Leeds. We played to a packed tent: the vibe was great and the audience was so warm. It was cool to watch people at the front singing along to most of our set... I don't think I'll ever forget that.

Josh (bass): There have been so many amazing moments this summer; opening the Other Stage at Glastonbury, travelling for our first festival outside of the UK in Monza... but one that will live with me forever was headlining Paganini Ballroom at The Great Escape and playing to a full capacity venue. It was the first time I saw people I didn't know singing our songs back to us. It was a truly humbling experience, and one that will always stay with me.

Charles (guitar): One of the highlights for me was the sound check at Glastonbury. The biggest stage I had ever seen in my life and I was walking on it, between all these people carrying amps and gear from huge bands, like a massive musical beehive! Playing one chord and literally feeling it resonating in my body through the huge speakers... definitely my highlight!

Harry (drums): My performance highlight was definitely playing 'Anteros' as the last song of our Glastonbury set, looking out at to the festival we'd spent the weekend at. Definitely been the best festival I've ever been to. Traveling to I-Days Festival in Milan was also a great memory; to get to travel to our first overseas festival and play to a whole new audience.

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