Anona Covers Karen Dalton’s ‘Same Old Lady’

A baroque-flavoured take on the folk staple...

Anona has shared her take on Karen Dalton’s ‘Same Old Lady’.

The songwriter – real name Ella Oona Russell – is also a key member of the New Eves, with Anona acting as a conduit for her solo ideas. Folk meets baroque pop, the breadth of her arrangements is mirrored to the emotional impact of her musicality.

New release ‘Same Old Lady’ finds Anona burrowing into Karen Dalton’s powerful folk classic; the original is stark and unrelenting, fuelled by the magnetism of the feted American artist’s delivery.

This time round, Anona aims for subtlety, the enchanting arrangement serving to add nuance and complexity to the song. ‘Same Old Lady’ is rendered in a colourful way, the painterly aspects of Anona’s work coming to the fore.

She comments…

“’Same Old Lady’ was originally put together as part of the live set for my EP release show in March 2023. Karen Dalton’s version is a favourite; the first time I heard it, it felt like the song just walked right past me. In a strange synaesthetic way. Since I had a full band rehearsing already for the show, I wanted to see where we could take it and that feeling. It turned into a celebration of these people that live and die within the song.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Ella Oona Russell 

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