Anna Prior’s ‘Up2U’ Touches On Balearic Bliss

It leads into her new EP...

Anna Prior has shared new song ‘Up2U’.

Perhaps most easily identifiable as the long-time drummer in Metronomy, Anna Prior is also a key tastemaker figure in UK club culture. An excellent DJ, her show on Soho Radio acts as a neat barometer of her tastes.

Starting The Beat Palace as a means to platform voices often pushed to the margins in dance music, her own production is gaining more and more attention.

Anna Prior’s debut EP ‘Almost Love’ lands on June 13th, with new track ‘Up2U’ online now. A song that touches on Balearic bliss, the synth sounds envelope you in rapture, the quiet, patient optimism of the production proving to be irresistible.

A collaboration with PPJ – trio Páula, Povoa and Jerge  – as well as James Greenwood (AKA Ghost Culture), what rings out more clearly of all is Anna Prior’s individual voice.

She comments…

“This song is about my own indecisions. I feel like it’s the phrase most often said to me by my  friends and loved ones. It serves as a reminder that my life is mine and I can live it how I choose, it  serves to stop me getting hung up on decisions and really take ownership of my life.” 

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Daniel Mutton 
Creative Direction: Morgan Hislop 

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