Recorded at Washington DC's 9:30 venue...
'Live At 9:30'

Animal Collective can be a pretty special live experience.

Combining naivety and glorious innovation, when the pieces come together an Animal Collective live set often reaches for the stars.

The band are now plotting the full release of a single show for the very first time. The show took place on June 12th 2013, part of a sold out three night run (June 10-12th 2013) at the historic Washington DC venue 9:30.

Geologist comments: "Growing up in Baltimore, we've been seeing shows at 9:30 for over 20 years, back to when the building was called WUST. First time was Pavement in 1994. Always one of our favourite places to see shows, and always one of the most fun places to play a show. Unless the power goes out."

'Animal Collective - Live at 9:30' will be available as a limited edition 3xLP boxset and digitally. A live recording of 'Did You See The Words' is online now - check it out below.

'Animal Collective - Live at 9:30' is set to be released shortly. Tracklisting:

1. Amanita (Live)
2. Did You See the Words (Live)
3. Honeycomb (Live)
4. My Girls (Live)
5. Moonjock (Live)
6. New Town Burnout (Live)
7. I Think I Can (Live)
8. Pulleys (Live)
9. What Would I Want? Sky (Live)
10. Peacebone (Live)
11. Monkey Riches (Live)
12. Brothersport (Live)
13. The Purple Bottle (Live)

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