And they've changed the title of a 2003 EP...

Animal Collective have brought the bulk of their catalogue to Bandcamp, making some significant changes along the way.

The band have shared a brand new EP titled 'Bridge To Quiet', containing jams they constructed in late 2019 and early 2020, edited down into something more cohesive.

Online now, the release comes as Animal Collective place the bulk of their work on Bandcamp, coinciding with the platform's monthly move of giving 100% of the income to artists.

Animal Collective have issued a statement, pledging to change the artwork of 2006 EP 'People' - it initially featured an African American 'mammy' on the cover with two white children.

The band pledged to donate future royalties from the record to the Equal Justice Initiative, writing:

“There is no way to excuse using a ‘mammy’ on our artwork, and so we have decided to remove it. We understand now that using a racist stereotype at all causes more damage than an explanation can repair, and we apologize.”

Alongside this, Animal Collective have decided to change the title of their 2003 album 'Here Comes The Indian' - it's now called 'Ark'. With regards to this release, they explain:

“With utmost respect to Indigenous people we feel that having the word Indian in our record title sends the wrong message by objectifying the American Indian people which is not what we were intending with the music.”

A portion of all future royalties will now go to Seeding Sovereignty.

Check out the statement in full below.

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