Angie McMahon’s ‘Fireball Whiskey’ Explores Anxiety

She shot the video herself...

Australian songwriter Angie McMahon has shared new single ‘Fireball Whiskey’.

The artist’s new album ‘Light, Dark, Light Again’ is out on October 27th, and finds her dipping once more into personal spheres. It’s the only way she knows how – resolute in her honesty, Angie merges this with a lush melodic instinct.

‘Fireball Whiskey’ is the perfect demonstration of this. Folk-flecked acoustic songcraft with supple undertones of Americana, it deals with anxiety, and how we can often self-medicate to navigate these feelings.

As ever, Angie’s delicacy reinforces the intensity of her touch, resulting in something blissfully affecting. She says…

‘Fireball Whiskey’ touches on using alcohol to navigate my anxiety, and also just realising over time that caring for your mental health is so important and will affect the way you can love and be with people. I think I’m afraid of change and didn’t know that about myself, but the process of writing this one helped bring it to light.

Angie McMahon shot the video herself, editing the clip together using short vignettes filmed on Handycam on lands belonging to the Wurundjeri and Bunurong peoples of the Kulin Nation and the Chumash tribe in California

She says…

I’ve never edited a video before, but I used this Handycam footage taken by my friends to try and tell a visual story of dancing and swaying myself out of the darkness. Travelling to this mountain range outside of Ojai felt like visiting a place where all my silly little worries and bruises could be transformed into something open and time could be suspended and I could empty everything out again, and that’s the reward for leaving behind what I loved but wasn’t right for me.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Taylor Ranston

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