Andy Bell Market Stall Career

Singer flogs bread in Rye

Pop superstar Andy Bell of Erasure has revealed he has a secret second career on the market stalls of Rye.

As the singer with Erasure Andy Bell sold tens of millions of records worldwide scoring several massive hits. Bell himself became a gay icon, and one of the most recognisable singers on the planet.

Now, though, on his days off he works on a baker’s stall with his customers including bizarre pop sisters The Cheeky Girls.

Andy Bell told The Quietus that “I help out at this market stall in Rye and we get The Cheeky Girls coming to buy bread”.

Continuing he says “they haven’t got a clue who I am, I was thinking that hopefully the penny might drop because they’ve seen me on TV or something.”

“How sad I am – I thought maybe I should make them a CD of suggestions of songs that would be good for their voice. Some people do recognise me when I’m working on the stall, and they think that I’m not making music anymore and that’s my new thing.”

The ever outspoken Andy Bell is interviewed in the current issue of Clash Magazine.

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