Amanda Bergman’s ‘My Hands In The Water’ Explores Grief

A deeply primal piece of songwriting...

Swedish songwriter Amanda Bergman has shared new single ‘My Hands In The Water’.

The artist now lives and works on a sustainable farm in the Swedish countryside – an appropriate place for her uncompromising music. New album ‘Your Hand Forever Checking On My Fever’ is out this summer, the work of a voice obeying no instructions but her own.

New single ‘My Hands In The Water’ deals with some astonishingly personal feelings – loss, grief, and recovery. Lyrically, it’s as raw as it gets, with Amanda Bergman laying her thoughts down on paper, for all their confusion and hyper-executed emotion.

Melodically she proves to be a distinctive crafts-person, the song’s gentle dips and curves mirroring the fluctuations in emotion. Out now, Amanda Bergman comments…

Grief is very primal. it’s like getting infested by a power that either will eat you or lead you depending on how you ride it.

It’s about processing the acceptance of the fact that people you love are going to die. We are tricked into moving very far from death when it’s not acutely in our eyesight, on our schedule. That can be very limiting. It’s lovely to take someone for granted, but relations that have a calmness about the fact that they will not last forever probably leaves you a better person.

Tune in now.

Check out a bonus live session take of ‘My Hands In The Water’ below.

Photo Credit: Julia Mård

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