Allysha Joy Announces ‘The Making Of Silk’

It's out on September 13th...

Allysha Joy will release new album ‘The Making Of Silk’ on September 13th.

The Australian vocalist is a tremendous talent, with her work in 30/70 – alongside her multitudinous collaborations – blending club tropes with the openness of jazz.

Her solo catalogue exudes creativity, and Allysha Joy links with First Word Records for an incoming album project.

Out on September 13th, ‘The Making Of Silk’ is about life, love, and the importance of creativity in her emotional world. Allysha comments…

“It’s the kind of love that bell hooks writes about, that lives in the poetry of Mary Oliver, Hafiz and the passionate dreaming of a Koryusai painting. It’s about a love that is compassionate, that lives in open conversation, deep listening, the front lines of social movement and would never seek to stifle the light in you. It’s about accepting our aloneness, the impermanence of all things and still forever wanting to prove it wrong, to say that I understand that all things change, all things end, hurt exists, but I will love regardless.”

Recently igniting her return with ‘Stay’, Allysha Joy expands on this with ‘Raise Up’. Out now, it’s built around an incredible vocal, one that exudes a supple form of creative freedom.

Discussing the song, Allysha Joy explains that “love and expanding life is uncomfortable at times, it requires us to face ourselves and be honest. All that inner reckoning then allows us to love ourselves, love others more deeply, more openly.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Jess Brohier

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