Alice Longyu Gao’s ‘MAKE U 3 ME’ Is Genuinely Uncategorisable

It's a helter-skelter pop-metal cut 'n' paste...

Alice Longyu Gao has shared jaw-dropping new single ‘MAKE U 3 ME’.

Out now, the track follows recent trailblazing singles ‘Rich Bitch Juice’ and ‘I <3 Harajuku’, illustrating her pan-genre approach. She’s not alone in this – ‘Believe The Hype’ saw her buddy up with Oli Sykes, long-time Bring Me The Horizon frontman.

New single ‘MAKE U 3 ME’ is another left-field turn, a cut ‘n’ paste pop-metal anthem that crafts a riveting, entirely fresh take on the LOUDquietLOUD formula.

Big, bold, and bizarre, ‘MAKE U 3 ME’ finds Alice Longyu Gao operating in a lane of her own. Outlandish, future-facing pop with alt in its DNA, the single is a blood-curdling return. She comments…

“I spiralled for two years, and I made 20+ songs about one single person. I learned about boundaries, and unfortunately I didn’t understand it back then. I feel bad for that. ‘Make U 3 Me’ is the second and the last song that I will be releasing from that dark period.”

I spent my entire COVID quarantine to try to grow myself into a proper adult, because I didn’t grow up in this English speaking world. But now since I’m trying to survive on this side of the world, I needed to study from the ground up, as if I am in kindergarten. The social cues, manners, and games – it’s simply life for others, but it is lessons for me everyday.” 

Tune in now.

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