Alice Longyu Gao’s ‘Hëłłœ Kįttÿ’ Is Truly, Truly Remarkable

A groundbreaking hyper-punk feast...

Alice Gonyu Gao returns with her endlessly original new single ‘Hëłłœ Kįttÿ’.

The Chinese born artist splits her time between the American coasts, dipping into New York and Los Angeles as she pleases. Thoroughly uncompromising, she’s able to move from ear-bleeding electronics through to all-out punk thrash without batting an eyelid.

Early cuts like ‘Rich Bitch Juice’ and ‘I <3 Harajuku’ became internet phenomenons, with fans rallying to Gao’s outsider call. Linking with Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon on ‘Believe The Hype’ and a turbo-charged take on desire in ‘Make U 3 Me’, the two brought their unique voices together on a blockbuster collab.

New single ‘Hëłłœ Kįttÿ’ is remarkable – an ultra-futuristic take on pop’s electronic tendrils that unveils a tidal wave of fresh ideas, all accomplished with a smile on its face.

Tied to some wild and wicked visuals, ‘Hëłłœ Kįttÿ’ underlines Alice Gonyu Gao’s status as an unrivalled cross-platform innovator.

Tune in now.

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