Alfie Templeman
And he's still only 15 years old...

What were you doing when you were 15 years old?

If you were anything like us, it probably wasn't remarkable: falling hopelessly in lust, trying to stop your skin from cracking out with spots, and hoping against hope that you didn't stand out.

Alfie Templeman is only 15 years old, yet he can't help standing out, can't help racing ahead of the pack.

Working alone in his bedroom, the songwriter has been placing snippets online over the past 12 months, precocious flashes of adolescent genius.

New EP 'Like An Animal' is where he breaks out of all that, where Alfie gathers an audience, and takes complete control of his artistry.

Recording every instrument himself, the deft, left-field songwriting is married to a lust for melody that makes every song wrap itself around your subconscious.

We're addicted, and so will you be - tune in below.

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