Alexis Taylor Announces ‘Listen With(out) Piano’

Featuring Papa M, Green Gartside, and more...

Alexis Taylor is set to release new project ‘Listen With(out) Piano’ on March 3rd.

The Hot Chip vocalist released new solo album ‘Piano’ at the end of last year, a typically fascinating return.

Shortly after this, he began inviting guests to re-work the material as they saw fit, but designed to compliment the original.

‘Listen With(out) Piano’ draws together these recordings. The tracklist is rather imposing, featuring everyone from Papa M (David Pajo) to Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside.

“My brief was both very wide open and very specific, and part of the pleasure for me, and now hopefully for the listeners, is to see how everyone responded so differently to the task,” Alexis explains. “The results are truly amazing, and here you have a new album that works both as a kind of electro-acoustic ambient companion piece to Piano, and as a series of musical clothes to be put onto the deliberately bare record I released.”

Check out Green Gartside’s version of ‘Repair Man’ blended with Alexis’ original below.

‘Listen With(out) Piano’ will be released on March 3rd.

Photo Credit: Anne Tetzlaff and Guy Bolongaro

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