Alex Smoke Classical Project

Producer working on film score

Scottish producer Alex Smoke is working on a new film score, combining his acclaimed electronica with classical influences.

Alex Smoke is a cult hero, operating in the background of Glasgow’s techno scene. Mixing dancefloor influences with a questing passion for innovation, his releases has brought him huge critical acclaim.

Closely associated with Soma Records, the producer also runs his own Hum And Haw imprint. Deeply independent, Alex Smoke is now planning to record a new score for F.W. Murnau’s classic film version of ‘Faust’.

Speaking to Italian dance blog Soundwall the producer explained that the new project comes after a hectic spell. “I’ve had one of the busiest years so far in terms of music this year: I’ve just finished a sample CD called ‘Dexter Sinister’ which is all loops and sound design.”

“I’ve also been working on new tracks for the label, of which there are millions as the last album was delayed so long. And the next really big project is a semi-classical, semi electronic score for F.W.Murnau’s film of ‘Faust’; the main score is virtually finished and much of the sound design. Now I just need to get it recorded with the Scottish Ensemble in time to premiere it at the Glasgow Film Festival in February. The music will also be released on its own.”

Initially released in 1926, ‘Faust’ is a silent treatment of Goethe’s famous poetic work. A visually stunning film, it will now be matched to no doubt thought provoking music from the Caledonian beatsmith.

Continuing, the producer explained that film scores have long been an ambition of his. “My major aim still hasn’t changed, and that is to make music regardless of genre and to try and combine the disparate elements and techniques that excite me, from classical to experimental.”

“I’d still love to work on film music too, although not in the “hollywood taiko drums, big strings” kind of way. I want to make more purely classical music and more overtly experimental music and eventually combine the two.”

Alex Smoke is set to debut his new film score in February.

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