Alex G Is At His Most Refined On ‘Miracles’

His new album is incoming...

Alex G is a name consistently associated with the wave of 2010s ‘internet indie’ that has a chokehold on guitar-orientated music, and rightfully so. His signature brand of crunchy lo-fi indie rock has not only led to critical acclaim but has also led to credits on music by Japanese Breakfast and Frank Ocean, as well as TikTok virality with a resurgence of 2011 single ‘Treehouse’.

New single ‘Miracles’ arrives just a few weeks before brand new, and ninth, album ‘God Save The Animals’, arriving on September 23rd. Like the other trio of singles released in preparation for the new album, Miracles seems to depart from the lo-fi nature which Alex G has become so synonymous with. Instead, we are treated to more polished indie rock from one of the internet’s greatest talents.

A blend of slick folky guitar from Alex, as well as a solid helping of a gorgeous string section, ‘Miracles’ leans very much into the acoustic guitar poetry of his 2010 debut ‘Race’, but with increased fidelity and stronger vocal work from himself. With previous releases being focused on fictional characters, this track seems much more personal, with references to partner Molly Germer.

‘Miracles’, like the other singles released for ‘God Save The Animals’, seems to have Alex G heading in a more personal and intimate direction. The music here has a refined, polished edge, but it is still quintessentially Alex G.

Tune in now.

Words: James Mellen
Photo Credit: Chris Maggio

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