'The Still Life' due on April 15th

Alessi's Ark are set to release their new album 'The Still Life' on April 15th.

An unusual, bewitching phenomenon Alessi's Ark is an outlet for the imagination of Alessi Laurent–Marke. Across two studio albums, the songwriter has matched vivid, at times surreal word play with inventive composition which stretches established forms until they break.

Now she's back. Recorded in Athens, Georgia - "the South's Portland" as it's known - producer Andy LeMaster stood at the helm. “I had heard brilliant things about Andy as a person,” Laurent–Marke explained recently, “and I felt extremely fortunate to spend time together and work so closely on this album. He brought some very gifted, beautiful musicians on board and I was moved by their warmth in Athens.”

Credited for work on Bright Eyes and Drive-By Truckers, LeMaster adds a richness, a sense of experience to the new album. Speaking recently, Alessi Laurent-Marke explained that she wanted to make something different. "I wanted to create a musical landscape that varied in sound but an overriding feeling of 'stillness' remained throughout the album. I also wanted to step back from playing acoustic guitar and immerse the songs in very different sound settings from previous recordings".

A typically varied, exploratory set, the songwriter summed up her approach in two words: “Nature and love, as common threads”.

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Alessi's Ark are set to release their new album 'The Still Life' on April 15th. Tracklisting:

1 - Tin Smithing
2 - Veins Are Blue
3 - The Rain
4 - The Good Song
5 - Big Dipper
6 - Afraid Of Everyone
7 - Those Waves
8 - Whatever Makes You Happy
9 - Sans Balance
10 - Mountain
11 - Hands In The Sink
12 - Money
13 - Pinewoods


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