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The Living Gods Of Haiti

The Living Gods Of Haiti is a project spearheaded by Rebekah Dobbins, an artist whose interests lie far outside the norm.

Drawing on visual art and genres far outwith pop, the songwriter's work fuses her Syrian heritage with moments of crunching, neo-industrial intensity.

A fastidious worker, sessions for the project's new album took some time to complete. “We went to and fro for a long while, trying new things. It was a fragmented, drawn out process that probably took over a year,” explains Rebekah. “For a long time the results were not really songs so much as they were experiments.”

But, in the end, they got there. New album 'Bone Dry' will be released on August 26th, and it's an entrancing, hypnotic journey.

Clash is able to bring you the record before anyone else, alongside a note from the artist herself.

Rebekah explains:

'Bone Dry' is an organic journey through the divine nature of the mind, in search of an elevated consciousness; beauty between darkness and light.

We started the project in a basic format, songs without structure, words without melody and an intention purely to make something we both deemed as “beautiful”. We didn’t make any attempt to stick within a particular genre although as the project developed we both seemed drawn toward something esoteric and ethereal.

Marc had previously been working on an album for a lebanese artist called Yasmine Hamdan and had been particularly inspired by the use of instruments such as the derbouka and santur. I’m half-Syrian but with little contact with this side of my heritage I was keen to explore this world too, which started us building upon tribal, ritualistic beats, and as our melodies developed they became distinctly more ceremonial, inspired by Persian chants and religious music, blending with our more modern attraction to new wave, ethereal wave and post punk, synth led music.

We open the album with 'Perfect Nectar', a song which bleeds destructive thought into the desire for something bigger. With no real chorus to speak of, it’s a track which helps to introduce the listener to our sound; "...This infrastructure, every boney limb, reaching for something."

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