Album Stream: NARCS – ‘A Thinking Animal’

Searing, politically motivated fare...

These are dramatic times.

The past 10 days has witnessed a seismic shift in British politics, and in the way we view ourselves.

A lot of it – let's face facts – has been fairly dark. But in amongst the rubble are a few lone voices attempting to make themselves heard.

In a way, NARCS saw this coming. The band's output has always been politically motivated in one way or another, but recently it seems to have reached boiling point.

New album 'A Thinking Animal' is a barbed work of politics and philosophy sluiced through a spiky, indie rock template.

Out on July 8th through Clue Records, you can stream it up front on Clash, before finding a message from NARCS below.

'A Thinking Animal'. The title isn’t in any way suggesting we’re on some sort of higher cerebral level – far from it, it’s taken from a John Steinbeck quote which states that all war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal. From the response so far, it seems people have connected what we’re saying and how we’re saying it on the album. It’s the response we all wanted from this. If you have a voice on any level, you have a responsibility to the voiceless and vulnerable to use it. We’re fucking furious about the UK, and so everyone outside of the Parliamentary bubble should be.

Look at how things are, especially since Brexit happened, it’s almost laughable that we consider humans to be 'thinking animals'. Ruled by an elite who risked the country’s economy, legal system and basic human rights to get ahead on some Etonite point-scoring. There are more food banks than ever, they’re selling off our free healthcare (although, since we pay our taxes and they don’t, we’re sort of already paying extra for it), they’re turning schools into factories and lied about backtracking on academisation. "The working class voted Brexit!" the media scream. They got targeted with this line of 'status quo or a mystery box'. Tory scum have manufactured an awful status quo for a reason. And how does the UK respond? Top BBC News story as of 10.30pm, July 3rd: Ex-footballer offered free parking. 'A Thinking Animal'? Not yet.

– – –

'A Thinking Animal' will be released on July 8th.

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