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Clash is chuffed to be able to premiere the new album from Finnish producer Ukkonen (pictured), ‘The Ancient Tonalities Of…

The album is Ukkonen’s second, after 2012’s well-received ‘The Isolated Rhythms Of…’, and furthers its maker’s odd relationship with the world of dance. Self-assured that he is not a dance artist, the Finn’s work is nevertheless tied to electronics, calling to mind peers such as Patten and Chris Clark. Someone, somewhere along the line, called this ‘Artic house’. It’ll do for now.

Decidedly experimental, ‘The Ancient Tonalities Of…’ doesn’t skimp on melodies for the sake of being inventive. It’s certainly an album for those taken with something like James Holden’s ‘The Inheritors’ (Clash review), another album of 2013 that successfully balanced accessibility with avant-garde tangents.

Released through No Pain In Pop on December 2nd, you can stream ‘The Ancient Tonalities Of…’ below. And you should because, basically, it’s a Very Good Record. Enjoy.

Watch the video for the track ‘Viva Las Huelgas’ below…

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