Find some time and drift away…

Creators of some of the most blissful music Clash has ever had the luxury of bathing in, Nashville duo Hammock is back with a new album, ‘Oblivion Hymns’ – and we’re honoured, frankly, to be able to offer readers a stream of the album in full, below.

Hammock is Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson, two guitarists who came together in 2004 and, since then, have gone on to become one of the foremost purveyors of affecting ambient post-rock on the scene. If you’re into this type of music, chances are you have one of their records already – ‘Oblivion Hymns’ is the pair’s sixth studio LP, so there’s plenty of precedent for its expertly arranged elegance.

And if this is all new to you: please, take some time, and enjoy this. It’s sure to reach those same places that the likes of Sigur Rós and Explosions In The Sky, not to mention Stars Of The Lid or Julianna Barwick, have been known to tickle.

This is music that offers the listener the opportunity for reflection, for contemplation, for a little introspection. It doesn’t shout its message across – indeed, the emotions held herein are articulated with wordless ambiguity, allowing you to shape your own meanings from the sublime sounds. This is music that can swallow an hour of your time with ease – and please, don’t deny it.

‘Oblivion Hymns’ is out now on its makers’ own label, Hammock Music. Head here to order a copy for yourself, or just get more information on the band and its catalogue.

The tracklist for ‘Oblivion Hymns’ is as follows:

1. ‘My Mind Was A Fog… My Heart Became A Bomb’
2. ‘Then The Quiet Explosion’
3. ‘Turning Into Tiny Particles… Floating Through Empty Space’
4. ‘Like A Valley With No Echo’
5. ‘Holding Your Absence’
6. ‘Shored Against The Ruins… Drowning In Ten Directions’
7. ‘I Could Hear The Water At The Edge Of All Things’
8. ‘In The Middle Of This Nowhere’
9. ‘Hope Becomes A Loss’
10. ‘Tres Dominé’

Bonus tracks
11. ‘Sleep’
12. ‘Cathedral’

What more to say? Enjoy.

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