Akala Preps 10 Year Retrospective

Including an album and a full tour...

Akala is set to toast 10 years in the game with a new album and a full nationwide tour.

The rapper/producer/activist's profile has rarely been higher, with a number of television appearances going viral over the past 12 months.

New album '10 Years Of Akala' drops in September, and it looks to be a neat primer for newcomers as well as a treat for long-term fans.

Classic cut 'Carried Away' has been re-worked for the album – Akala explains why…

“It’s always been one of my favourite of my own tracks, the alternative time signature and unusual (for Hip Hop) musical sounds all combine in a way that is still satisfying to me. We have also chosen to update the mix and master, add live drums and get a proper singer (Josh Osho) on the hook rather than me trying a ting!”

“The songs content was inspired by two forms of death, one being young people from poor backgrounds in the midst of one of the richest cities on earth killing each other for a whole host of reasons that I would argue are part of a larger structural violence… The other form of death was inspired by young working class soldiers (I wrote the song in 05 so Iraq was relatively recent) who think because of propaganda and nationalism that they are going to war for their country, only to find out they are actually fighting, killing and dying for banks and oil companies. I felt that particularly post Chilcott this still carried relevance.”

Tune in below.

For full details on Akala's 'It’s Not A Rumour 10th Anniversary Tour' click HERE.

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