It's an alt-pop hymn that reaches for the sky...
AKA George

At one point AKA George had virtually every label in the land knocking on his door.

A spell in 2015 saw his music go viral, placing a series of videos online featuring deft, devastating cover versions of some smash hits.

Showing incredible self-belief, AKA George met with these labels, but then decided to do things his own way.

So far, it seems to be working. Making each move feel effortless, his alt-pop vision is rooted in that incredible voice, and a knack for melodies that worm their way into your sub-conscious.

New single 'Blazing' continues his ascent, a song that feels as though it is continually reaching towards the sky.

"'Blazing' is about having belief in yourself despite all the shit that life throws at you," says George. "The idea for it came about in the middle of a huge festival I was playing in Spain. It was rammed - there were about twenty thousand people in this huge town square."

"Most of them had never heard of me before and they probably all had their own life problems and issues, but for that one small moment in time it was all forgotten. I looked out from the stage and just saw a sea of arms. We were on fire that night. I just thought, 'These people are amazing, I feel amazing'. I went back to the hotel room and wrote 'Blazing'."

Tune in now.

Catch AKA George at London's Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on May 30th.

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