Ahadadream Hits Up More Time Records For New Two-Tracker

‘Sax Skank / Crunchy’ is out now...

Ahadadream has shared a brand new two-tracker.

The London producer has had a thrilling 18 months, peppered with vital DJ sets and some stellar releases. His first ever All Night Long tour of the UK begins this month, stretching from Brighton through to Edinburgh.

Alongside this, Ahadadream has unveiled a crisp two-tracker, aligning with More Time Records for the release. Out now, ‘Sax Skank’ is an ultra-rhythmic workout, all jagged edges and tenacious sense of soundsystem physicality. Verging on UK funky in places, it feels tailor-made for those all night long sets.

By contrast ‘Crunchy’ is a little more downcast, its percussive nuance rocketing between crisp techno aspects and traces of house bedlam.

Tune in now.

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