Aguava Unveils Elemental Self-Titled EP

Includes standout track 'Sirocco'...

Following the release of his euphoric single ‘If I’ with Majestic Casual, Chinese producer Allen Chen aka Aguava is back to offer up his new self-titled EP. The project continues to push for a borderless sound, uniting the influences of bossa nova, afrobeats and 90s house across a 5-track journey, all recorded on Ableton.

Spending his early childhood immersed in traditional Chinese folk music, Aguava would later move to the US where he tapped into production that leaned towards the more adaptable strain of house music, nestled amongst YouTube playlists and Soundcloud charts. Sun-kissed percussion, uplifting melodies and deep rhythms all stand at the forefront of the likes of ‘Something Real’ and ‘Coconuts,’ transporting the listener to summertime escapism. Conversely, ‘Vestige’ digs deeper into after-hours music, making for a celebratory closer with loose piano chords and resonating chimes.

Aguava comments:

I recorded a bunch of common kitchen items; pots, pans, cutting boards, pepper shakers, wine openers. It wasn’t until later that I added the strings, which provided the inspiration for the name of the track. The sound and shape of these strings reminded me of some kind of wind; one that weaved and meandered across vast distances. ‘Sirocco’ is the name of a Mediterranean wind that blows from North Africa to southern Europe, but to me it felt like the perfect embodiment of these strings and this song; travelling far distances and bypassing all sorts of incredible sights and sounds on that journey.”

Tune in now…

Aguava – Sirocco

Words: Ana Lamond

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