Adrian Utley Crafts Piece For National Trust

Alongside a hand drawn map

Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley has composed a new track to compliment a special National Trust walk.

The way we appreciate music has always been linked to the environment we absorb it in. Some people choose special playlists for the gym, while others like to blast out Mozart when reading the Sunday papers. Horses for courses, etc etc.

Recently, Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley hooked up with the National Trust to compose a new piece. The ambient work is designed to compliment a special walk, a route which runs around the National Trust's Croft Castle in Herefordshire.

Featuring the historic castle, the landscape is dominated by historic trees including a 1,000 year old oak tree and an avenue of chestnut trees which seemingly have links to the Spanish Armada. The new track comes equipped with a hand drawn map, with Adrian Utley outlining the route he used as inspiration for the piece.

Brian Muelaner, National Trust Ancient Tree Adviser said: "Trees have inspired generations of artists and there is something remarkable about the power and beauty of ancient trees. Walking is the perfect way to get outdoors and explore the exquisite British countryside, particularly at this time of year with trees in wonderful colours of autumn. Adrian's music really captures the spirit of this special place on the journey through this landscape dominated by ancient trees".

Listen to it below.

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