Adele On Rick Rubin Team Up

Producer aids new album

Adele has spoken about working with Rick Rubin on her newly released album ’21’.

Arriving amid enormous hype, Adele’s soulful debut ’19’ found success at home and abroad. Becoming a massive hit in the United States, the singer turned to American for inspiration on her second album.

’21’ is out today (January 17th) and has gained warm reviews. Adele teamed up with producer Rick Rubin to work on new material, and the hugely influential soundsmith was able to guide her through the tense recording process.

Speaking exclusively to ClashMusic, Adele explained how the collaboration came about. “Rick Rubin works for Sony, and then he came down to SNL – I’m not sure if he wanted to, but his girlfriend wanted to” she said.

“And then he really loved it, then we met at Music Cares, which was a couple of nights before the Grammys, for Neil Diamond, and I sang there, and I was actually the worst of the night.”

“He always tries to say, ‘No, you were one of the best’, but I wasn’t. I followed Jennifer Hudson and I just know I was shit. He tried to boost my confidence going, ‘It was brilliant! It was great’. And then, when I won Best New Artist he sent me an email saying, ‘Shall we do a record together?’ Nah, you’re alright! (Laughs)”.

Adele was initially concerned that the two would not be able to work together. “I didn’t think we’d fit in together at all actually. That’s why I was so intrigued to do it, because when he said he wanted to do it, I was so like, ‘Eh?!’ I think it was a challenge for both of us, and I think that’s why we both wanted to do it.”

“He seems to be a person you can’t really say no to, but understandably there must have been concerns that he wasn’t quite right for you. I mean, I wasn’t daunted by it at all – if it didn’t work, it didn’t work. It would be an expensive mistake if it didn’t work, but it did work and it was brilliant. It was just too much of a good opportunity to pass up really. He was just so wise. I’ve actually never been so chilled out, being involved in music, as I was when I was in Malibu with him and the band.”

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